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With an accomplished editorial and photographic background, both with a passion for wild travelling, and a love for anything away in the wild or off-grid, Mimi & Richie have been an invaluable part of this Overland Journey for more than a decade. In this Overland Journal, We share our experiences, photos and all the upgrades we do daily to our Range Rover, Roof Tent and Rigging to expand our living away more intresting and comftable.  

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Meet Our Project 2014

This is how we bought our beautiful Range Rover L322 Vogue SE 2006 model. When we bought her, yes "her" from a doctor in London, she had only 80k miles.  
She was in a perfect condition and had a very good life always garaged and never abused.

In 2014, Richie came out of a serious illness and a dark cloud. Today, he learned how to cope and live with this illness. With the love and support of his rock, Mimi, they both realised that Kuoni holidays and crowds are not good for their situation anymore!

So they both came with a plan, to travel overland in a luxurious car and find how to travel in Luxury and most comfortable ways to have a good time while they are away on holiday, and experience as close as they can live off-grid for these few months a year they are away.

Gallery Here . . . . (Coming Soon)

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Meet Our Gaia Now!

Gaia  [ gey-uh ]


  1. Classical Mythology is the ancient Greek    Goddess who personified the earth and whose numerous offspring include Uranus, by whom  she bore the Titans and the Cyclopes.

2. The earth, when regarded as the self-regulating organism described by the Gaia hypothesis:

Details on how we came to this point with all the extras follow here (Coming Soon)


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Meet Us!

This is us, a couple that has been in this beautiful relationship for the past 18 years! and yes, We are still stupidly romantically happy! 
We lived the majority of our professional lives in London, Mimi in the Music and Fashion Industry and myself, Richie, a Studio Fashion Photographer for the last 30 years.
Mimi and I returned back to Mimi's home town in South Wales - The Mumbles
Mimi is now a Welsh and a Forestry teacher, and I, being a wee bit older than Mimi, have retired and love being a househusband! 


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